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Silicon Valley Intelligent equipment enterprise with core technology

Shenzhen Silicon Valley Semiconductor Equipment Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary invested by Shenzhen Shenkeda Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (stock code 688328), focusing on the research and development, …

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Selected as a member of

Selected as a member of "Baoan Science and Technology Exhibition Group",

Silicon Valley Semiconductor-selected as a member of the "Baoan Science and Technology Exhibit…

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Shenzhen Satellite TV "Shenzhen News" and CCTV News

The 23rd China Hi-Tech Fair reported "Silicon Valley Semiconductor"-Shenzhen Satellite TV…

Silicon Valley Semiconductor unveiled its new equipment at the 23rd Hi-Tech Fair

Silicon Valley Semiconductor unveiled its new equipment at the 23rd Hi-Tech Fair

Silicon Valley Semiconductor brought its new equipment to the 23rd Hi-Tech Fair. It received specia…


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New changes in the field of packaging and testing in China!

Since Moore's Law encountered a bottleneck, the development of the packaging and testing fi…

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The localization of semiconductor equipment has entered a new chapter

1. The expansion of the semiconductor industry is imminent, and the leading overseas equipment supp…

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Opportunities for third-generation semiconductors

The physical properties of compound semiconductors have unique advantages. The field of sem…

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What industries are MEMS sensors used in?

The process of semiconductor manufacturing consists of wafer fabrication (Wafer Fabr ication), waf…

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Silicon Valley Semiconductor Intelligent equipment solution provider

In order to provide customers with faster and better service, the company has sales and after-sales branches in East China (Wuxi) and South China (Shenzhen).